Kim Dao encounter on her Harry Potter themed wedding

Kim Dao is a You Tuber, and here in this article, we’re going to discuss the way she has a very memorable and fantastic experience and travel on her daring Harry Potter themed wedding. Kim Dao and her husband were students of this University of Western Australia and she met her husband Eric when she joined the Japanese Society. It was from there, her trip with her husband started; they had been in relation for nine and a half years and were living in Sidney, Australia. Kim Dao had shared every detail and listing of her amorous and elaborate with Harry Potter signature wedding on her vlog.

Her husband Eric proposed to her facing a Replica of Hogwarts castle in Universal Studios Japan, which is her favorite place in round the whole world. In the time of her proposition, Kim Dao stated that they both were dressed up in Hogwarts uniforms as her husband understood quite well about her fondness for Harry Potter. Kim Dao along with her husband Eric chose to plan their marriage in Harry Potter themed. Hence, they began to prepare and worked on it; she chose to go with a combination of magic and traditional elements.

Kim Dao ordered her invitation in a complete magical touch; her invitation looked just like the Marauder’s map and applied Etsy Template as the base for her invitation. And then she decorated the invitation with Photoshop on her fashion; her next creative touch was together with her reception. Kim Dao arranged her reception in very unusual and fantastic layouts and thoughts; she made the tables to float with candles as centerpieces. And then menus all featured with an illustration of Hogwarts; the couple provided the guests with wands as a souvenir.

The couple also provided the older key as an added party favor so that it appears more interesting, and the best part was their wedding cake. It featured as Deathly Hallows Topper, and they even offered Hogwarts scarves and several other accessories positioned at the area of photo booths for their guests. Kim Dao needed a stunning and unconventional wedding, which was more similar to the western style with just a tiny bit of Harry Potter Touch, and they tie the knot in January 2020. In a place called Caver sham House Hidden Gardens using a dog behaving as their ring bearer.

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